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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

2018 Scottish Waterfront 5k Wellington Tue 16 Jan


A hot and humid day in the city with perhaps a slight breeze to ease the stickiness. Or was that my imagination. 

The place to be though was in the water if you don’t mind sharing with stingrays and possible jellyfish.  One dog-paddler thought he saw a penguin but the heat can do that you know.

Another huge field for Daryl to process who continues with the field testing of the new five-eyes set up.  

When it comes to technology Daryl is nothing if not patient and persistent.

In the race the first female home was Natalie Hardaker who ran 19.22. This is her second best time in this event so we could see a new PB before the series finishes.

Lindsay Barwick had a good run to come home 2nd place. Her time of 19.46 is not a PB but it’s her best result for a long time. 

In third place was Mel Macphee who clocked 20.35. Mel has raced this event 4 times and all of her performances have been between 20.22 and 20.40. It would be good to see if Mel can pull out a 20.15 before daylight saving ends.

In the men’s grade Hirotaka Tanimoto was pacing for a 16.00 finish but won in 15.58 which is 10 seconds shy of his PB for this event. 

Niam Macdonald must be giving him advice on how to come in close to your pace time.  

Not far behind Hiro and chasing hard was #Madharry who was given 16.04 by five-eyes. 

Both Hiro and Harry will be racing each other this Saturday in the 3000m at the Capital Classic (at Cooks Gardens Whanganui and not Newtown Park as originally planned) which will include some of NZ’s best middle distance runners plus a couple from overseas.  It will be a good race. 

Back on the waterfront after a very long absence was Levi Timar who picked up the bronze. 

Amazingly his time tonight of 16.07 was exactly the same as what he recorded in his last outing in this event away back in 2014. How weird is that especially since the start and finish are now outside Mac’s Bar. 

But looking at his 5km race history his times are good and if he is going to be around for a while somebody needs to sign him up.

In the Critchlow/Thompson Challenge Will could have walked the course backwards with a paper bag over his head and got a point as Brendon was a no-show.

Not wearing a helmet and has a kamikaze glint in the eye.