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Sunday, 21 February 2016

2016 Cigna Round the Bays Sun 21 Feb


Dominion Post Article

Cigna Half-Marathon

Nick Horspool & Dougal Thorburn. They were chatting when they went past me

The following bunch in race mode

Katie Kemp - the bloke looks surprised that he has been passed.

Peter Maunder, the next President of Athletics New Zealand. He will take over in August and hold the position for 1 year.
Grant McLean

Bernie Portenski

With a few more balloons one could fly

Bluebridge 10K

Road closures mean empty streets. This is a  good time to test the skateboard wheels
Rowan Hooper

Harrison Burnard

Olaf Manz

Daniel Hunt

Nicole Mitchell

Ryan Hunt

John Hines

Pirates on the Parade

6.5k Run for Fun