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Sunday, 14 February 2016

2016 WHAC Honest 10k Race Wellington Sun 14 Feb

Oriental Bay was packed with runners and walkers this morning. 30 years ago it would have been deserted.

Everybody seems to be in love with running these days although it probably isn't reflected to any great extent at running club level. Why is that and what is Athletics Wellington doing about it? Probably nothing even though next week weekend's Round the bays provides one of the best opportunities to promote the benefits of being in a club. I honestly don't know why the sport isn't out there marketing on a pan-club basis.

Anyway the WHAC Honest 10k starts in Evans Bay and follows the "Bay's" course in a northerly direction with a turn-around on Oriental Bay somewhere. There is a 5k option but I have no pics of this race. In terms of starters it seems to be mostly a WHAC affair although it is hard to tell with so many people running around the place.


Dan Clendon

A good Kiwi breakfast, an alternative to Eggs Benedict with Spinach washed down by hand-squeezed mango juice.

Bernie Portenski

John Hines, off to the supermarket

Roger Robinson