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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

2014 Lifestyle 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 16 Dec


Camilla Browne doing the "Camilla Dance" with Michael just behind


A brilliantly fine night meant that runners had to use all of their sidestep skills to dodge dozy pedestrians, kamikaze cyclists, poser skateboarders and the paparazzi. 
Leading out the main race at 5.45pm was Hamish Carson, no doubt keen to grab back his course record from rival Julian Matthews. Behind him were a clutch of elite runners including Nick Horspool, Stephen Day and Matt Dratvitski.   
Ben Twyman made his two weekly appearances to make up a competitive field, but unfortunately no sign of any fast women.  
To top it off there were a bunch of younger runners trying their hand at 5k as part of the Cigna Kids Round the Bays thingy. 
Hamish Carson, 4x national 1500m title holder and sub-four minute miler  14.51

Nick Horspool 15.31 - first time for this event

Stephen Day 15.55 - returns after about 4 years to produce a PB, and Matt Dravitski 15.57

Aucklander, Stuart Grange 16.32
Ben Twyman 16.30

Adam Steinmetz 17.37

Kevin Pugh 17.55

Tim Hawkes - former national 400m track champion 20.47