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Saturday, 9 April 2016

2016 Scottish Centennial Cup Races Island Bay Sat 9 Apr

Centennial Cup Results

Tearle Trophy Results

Scottish Race Report

The Le Gaye is gone replaced last year by the Centennial Cup.  The Le Gaye course is also history which means first time participants will be spared the brutally steep hill on Severn Street – a rite of passage for the newbies.

I have assumed that the Le Gaye course was dumped due to safety concerns caused by an increase in vehicle and foot traffic on the Parade especially the busy shopping centre section.
The new Centennial Cup course is an out and back 5k sealed handicap race starting on the Island Bay Esplanade   The turnaround is somewhere on the road between Island bay and Lyell Bay.  Ironically there is similarity with the old Tanadees Couse which was an 8k course starting in Lyall Bay (Maranui Surf Club) with a turnaround on the Island Bay Esplanade.  It was an open handicap race and hotly contested.

One thing that was quite noticeable on Saturday was how few children there are in Scottish. An odd thing given that other Wellington clubs seem to have dozens of them.

Ray Marten in the peak of fitness predicting his race finish place. If only he had started. 

Diane Morgan doing the beach thing

Paul Rodway out to run a strategic race

Dougal Thorburn clocked the fastest time

Harrison Burnard

Rowan hooper

Stepehn Day - running the NZ Mountain Running Champs in Q'Town on 14 May?

Andrew Wharton

Dave Parsons

Andrew Ford

Josh Smith and Liam McDonald, another NZ Mountain Champs potential

Geoff Ferry

James Turner

Ryan Hunt out of uniform

Chris McIlroy and Bert Prendergast, back from injury?

Andrew Tompson

Jess Kilstra & Soloman Powell

Emily Solsberg, Centennial Cup winner

Gary Turner

Gerald Gordon

Matthew O'Connor

Chan Kulathilake

Dave Hatfield, unbeatable in his day

John Plimmer

Matyas James

Marshall Clark

Anne Hare, Olympian and Commonwealth Games rep

Karl Woodhead

Karen Nunns

Scott Ryland

Joseph Muollo

Lynn Clark

Ian Murray

Ryan Bridges, all grown up

Jenny Cheevers

Jo Badham out of uniform

Don Stevens

Bob Stephens

Pam Graham

Hermaleig Townsley

Rachel Cunningham

Paul Brydges

Paul Rodway

Ross Lake

Maria Williams & Melissa Moon

Megan Willis, Christine Gardinerm & Stephanie Cheevers

Caroline Fyfe

John Howell

Della Laird and Mrs Jones taking it easy

Angela Campbell

John Palmer

Claire Jennings

Jane Batchelor

Catherine Manchester