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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

2017 Children’s XC Series Event 3 Mt Victoria Sun 25 Jun


It was supposed to rain around the time of the last race, but it didn't. Even so when you get a course that has no flat bits and is rarely dry at this time of the year then you are going to get some spills. 

And we got those by the bucket load especially in those races that utilised the loop in and out of the bush. 

The final run home from the out of the loop was slightly downhill and required a sharp right turn to head up to the finish line. It was here that many who came down too fast got into grief.  

The result was a few extra muddy kids but from what I could see nobody was hurt.  Even so the organisers felt compelled to cut this section out for the last couple of races which in hindsight is a bit unfortunate.