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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

2017 Scottish Waterfront 5k Wellington Tue 3 Oct

Nicolette Butler

Sebastien Brachet

Daryl doing the pre-race briefing thing

Results and Daryl's Race Report

The first race for the 2017/18 waterfront season and about 130 people turned up which isn't too bad. Personally I would have made the first event free and offered two more free ones over the series. But then accountants run the back office for this event so I wouldn't hold your breath. 

A nice night from a weather perspective which is sheer luck and not anything organised by Daryl. Expect some crappy events as we trudge through the race calendar. I noticed that there were lots of women participating which is really good.  And didn't they do well! 

As expected the fine night made the waterfront busy and the only other place that would equal it at this time of the day would be Wellington Railway Station.   

The first runner across the line was Japan based Running Shoe Advisor Takehisa Fujiwara in a time of 16.55 which because it is his first waterfront 5km is a PB for him. In fact everybody who competed gets a PB if it is there first time or a SPB if they have participated in previous series. Daryl's computer does not lie.

The results site does not have information on the course record for the Mac's Bar start but the record for the old course that started outside Ferg's Kayaks is 14.38 held by Olympian Julian Matthews. 

Takehisa Fujiwara

Brad Coleman

Matt Bonner

Cam Forrest

James Marshall

Brendon Thompson

Matt Jones

Josh Jordan

Neil Jorgensen

Liam Harker

Aaron Justin-Glen

Dan Langley

Robert Paternoster

Lindsay Barwick

Karl Jackson

Niam Macdonald

Matt Sutherland

Rob Holmes

Iain Shaw

Marshall Clark

Alex Kay

Karl Woodhead

Michael Gordon-Brown

Dion Gamperle

Lucy Lawlor

James Turner

David Hood

Michael Cummins

Brendan Desmond

Sarah Fountain

Andrew Coleman

Scott Ryland

Kevin Reid

Neil Price

Phil Morris

Nathan Keenan

Matt Womack

James Shepherd

Bex Hutchinson

Emily Pfeffer

This is not Claire Marie Phillips

Reuben Levermore

Bede Van Shaijik

Aria Tongs

Jaime Robinson

Conon Ford

Sarah Roth-Shank

Ben Roth-Shank

Simon Bidwell

Erika Fujiwara

Mary-Ann Moller

Scarlett Anderson

Andrea Adams (Walker)

Portia Barcello

No number but it is....

Frank Cole

Michael Rimmington

Te nui a Rangi Graham 

Evie Burgin

Sir John Hines (walker)

Todd Skilton

Paddy Burgin

Kate Slater

Jacqi Cope

Adam Bennetts

Caroline Fyfe

Alex Campbell

Carla O'Donnell

Simon Gourley (left) and Brett Nicholas

Caitlin Olsen

Rupert Rouch

Caitlin Olsen

Jono Orpin-Dowell

Milena Scott

Milena Scott

Vicky Young

Denise Pilcher

Vanessa Head

Stephanie Mullally

Regan Gunther

Lee Walker

Jo Badham (confirming that she has missed the six o'clock news)

Bridget Murrell

Alison Gilroy

Lauren Darrah 

Denise Verbruggen

Natalia Tellechea

Katherine Shufflebotham

Paul Wood - Junior and Senior 

Allison Groves

John Palmer

Russell Harding

Adam Lawlor

Alesha Gaiton

Tania Nicholas

Michael Sovik

Clive McGovern

Rhianne Ogilvie

Ed Jordan

Maryanne Palmer

Tamsin Royson

Mel Brooking

Vicky Hodgson and Raphael Solomon

Anna Marshall

Kathy Orpin-Dowell

Joe Antcliff (Walker)

John Leonard (Walker)

Vanessa Smith-Graham

Rebecca Antipas (Walker)

Sue Cuthbertson (Wears the No 1 bib)

Karen Chapman

Daphne Jones (Walker)

A dawdling Ray Marten (walker)