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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

2016 Scottish 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 23 Feb


Not a very big turnout tonight which presumably means that everybody is resting after the Round the Bays event on Sunday. Not good if you are trying to qualify for the Rio Olympics. 

Fastest around the course tonight was Adam Steinmetz.

As an aside an odd thing is happening with race numbers which probably needs to be fixed. Some competitors are wearing numbers which are different from those appearing against their names in the results. 

For example Paul Rodway who is listed in the results as competitor number 82 (not his age) is wearing race number 285.

How strange. Competitor number 507 is not in the results

Steve Peters

Frank Cole

Jo Mackay

Gabor Janos

Competitor number 444, but not in the results

Competitor number 328, but not in the results

Neil Price. We all know Neil. But where is the brother?

Adam Bennetts

Rick Wellington

Heidi Baillie

Andrew Ng

Don't jump!!!

Phil Grimmett

Josephine Draper

Mariann Kantor

Simon Rea

Competitor number 503, but not in the results

Anne Taylor

Terri Grimmett

Joseph Antcliff

Sue Cuthbertson

Adam Steinmetz

Kid with a bike

Kate Allen

Chris Homan

Dena McPhedran

Anna Browne

David Creamer

Jesse Tuke

Will Critchlow

David Hood

Ryan Gardiner

No race number but it's Hooman Bahreini

Angie Penberthy

Harry Barnes

Matyas James

Karen Chapman

John Toomath

Competitor number 511, but not in the results

Mystery man?

Jaime Robinson

Competitor number 323, but not in the results

The world famous race walker, John Hines

Who is this?