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Saturday, 16 April 2016

2016 Scottish McVilly Shield Wellington Waterfront Sat 16 Aprr


Scottish Race Report

The McVilly Shield has been morphed into a fun relay event contested by teams of 4. The teams are mixed to ensure that they are not stacked with speedsters and that makes the event much more interesting. The distance of each lap also varies between 1k and 4k which gives teams an opportunity to figure out a race order strategy.
The results show team times only, as individual lap times were not recorded.

The event is also good relay running practice for new runners ahead of the prestigious Shaw Baton relays at Battle Hill Reserve this coming Saturday  It can help refine pace judgement over short distances and also reinforces the need for team members to be ready on the start line  to take the baton when it is their turn to run.  Relay running is full of stories about team members who weren’t on the start line to run their lap when they should have been.

A poor attempt at blurring. It needed a tripod because those standing still should be blurred


Don Dalgliesh warming up

John Palmer

Maryanne Palmer

Diane Morgan

Rachel Kennedy

Pam Graham

Dan Hunt


Rowan Hooper, captain of winning team

Paul Rodway
Helen Willis

Mrs Jones

Bob Gardner

Sharon Wray

Tim Hodge

Matyas James

Andy Ford

Ryan Hunt

Stephen Day

Harrison Burnard

Michael Wray

Nick Horspool