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Sunday, 8 February 2015

2015 Gold Programme Newtown Park Sat 7 Jan


Michael Poa

The Porritt Classic in Hamilton today has taken away a chunk of people who ordinarily  would have graced the tranquility and beauty of Newtown Park. And those fields in Hamilton look pretty good too.

Still there was a reasonable turnout at Newtown and surprise surprise about 7 people decided to have a go at the steeplechase over 2000m and 3000m.  This included the versatile Harry Burnard who decide to tackle the high jump as well. Is there anything in T&F that Harry hasn't tried his hand at yet?  Some of the lads from St Pats Silverstream were also in action no doubt with an eye to the rapidly approaching McEvedy Shield

100m Photos

Jen Stoupe

Harrison Deal

Hamish Tustin

William Tait

Dhruv Raman

Rupert Watson

High Jump Photos

Emily Deal

Christina Gardner

Darin Hunt

Harry Burnard

1500m Photos

Charlotte Floodsmith-Ryan

Renae Creser

Lokyee Szeto

Matt Gibbons and Rowan Hooper

Max Press

Elroy Lederman

Ryan Scaife

Joel Carmen

Faiyeung Szeto

Wingyeung Szeto

Grant McLean

Bill Twiss

300m Hurdles Photos

Harrison Deal

400m Photos

2000m & 3000m Steeplechase Photos

Terri Grimmett


Tom England

Mathew Rogers

Michael du Toit

Oliver Barrass

Michael Paine

Jared Sartem

200m Photos