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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

2015 Scottish 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 29 Sep

Oscar Waldegrave 21.59, leads the field home from the first wave of starters 

Results (from Daryl dude)

Daylight saving is upon and so is the new 5K Waterfront series sponsored by Mac’s Brewery (is that right?).  The course is still basically the same as before but with a new start/finish and turnaround mark.  The start will be outside Mac’s Brewery, the new sponsor, on the East side of the footbridge. Hopefully this should eliminate part of the pedestrian congestion that was a problem with the Chicago bar start. 

As expected there was a good turnout for the inaugural run the numbers boosted by a few serious runners needing a blowout before heading to the National Road Relay (Akaroa) this coming weekend.

The event is a highlight for many and when I took a peek at the entries there were a few names from the past who will have some good road relay stories to tell. There are also a number of individuals who have come out of the woodwork to compete which indicates that rewards and inducements have been offered (such as chocolate fish). This includes but is not limited to:

Sam Dobson, Liam Scopes, Luke Hurring, Hayden McLaren, Elliot O’Sullivan, Shaun Farrell, Hassan Noble, Terry Harlan, Margot Gibson, Nicholas Sasse, Brendan Quirke, Jake Tennent, Greg Fraine, Dallas McCallum, Paul Forster, Tony Woodhouse, Jenny Mason, Trevor Ogilvie, John Barrance, Gary Whiting, Tony Good, John Sheddan, Jason Cameron, Joseph Bulbulia, Michael Wakelin, Rob Mulcahy, Colin Earwaker, Brent Halley, Eddie Smith, Allan Williment, Declan Wilson, Alice Feslier-Holmes. 

ANZ National Road Relay Preview

Hugo Waldegrave 22.04

Fred Mwila 23.05

Colin Price and Neil Price

Mary-Ann Moller

Ben Twyman 16.45, current course record holder

Bert Predergast 16.57, deputy course record holder

Joshua Smith

Andrew Ford

John Leonard

Jacqui Wilson. I think she got you John

James Turner

Tim Noble

Matthew Winthrop

Matthew Berg

Tony Wolken

Wesley Warner

Amanda Broughton

Kate Grinlinton

John Plimmer

Ryan Gardiner

Royce Lovelock

Karen Chapman

Sarah Fountain

Matt Harrison

Michael Mitchell

Amy Barnett

Matthew Ross

Andy Falconer

Steve Letts

Hermaleigh Townsley

Taking the easy way home

John Hines, fresh from the world masters games, or something

Hamish Templeton

Paul Rodway

Robert Lockerd