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Monday, 17 January 2011

2011 World XC Trial Trentham Sat 15 Jan

This was a dismal affair in terms of turnout. In the women’s race there were four starters with seven in the men’s race.

It’s unclear why there was such low interest in the event but it does raise a question about the usefulness of the trial. It would be fitting if all of those eligible athletes who finished the trial were selected, after all they have to pay their own way. The final results are as follows:

Senior Women
1. Penny Peskett PAKU 28.13
2. Sarah Biss HAWK 28.22
3. Nicole Feest COLO 28.40
4. Fiona Crombie UCAN 29.18

Senior Men
1. Daniel Wallis WSCO 39:29
2. Adam Carlson HVHC 39:43
3. James Couborough WSCO 39:53

0. Glenn Hughes WSCO DNF
0. Dave Parsons WSCO DNF
0. Todd Stevens WSCO DNF
0. Hayden Shearman WSCO DNF

Here is an opinion piece written by Daniel Wallis in 2010 about NZ's current involment in the World XC Champs. I wonder if anything at all has changed. click here

Photos show the race winners Penny Peskett and Daniel Wallis