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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

2016 Scottish 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 29 Mar

Callum Hancock - debut run

Trying to avoid the paparazzi - no chance


Daryl stuffed up the code, so as at the time of writing there are no results. But I can tell you that Mr P Williamson was the fastest on the course tonight. But if James Richardson had decided to race rather than pace, then it could have been different. 

So for the last race of the 2015/16 season my guess would be that about 70 or so turned up.
Don’t quote me.

I did get to the bottom of the number mismatch, meaning that the numbers worn by the competitors don’t match the numbers on the result sheet.
It seems that people lose the numbers originally issued (hell yes!) and get reissued with a new number. However it is the original number that shows up in the results.
For those tempted by the 5k series and who might want to have a crack at real cross country running with mud n’ all, then I have attached a link to the Wellington club finder which is part of the Athletics Wellington website.

If you don’t want to race then you can get social memberships, or just become a supporter. Although it does need to be pointed out that Scottish doesn’t seem to have a supporter membership category when most other clubs do.

Going down - and I bet the water was not that warm

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Frank Cole

Steve Peters

Michael O'Connor

Kim Lumsden (PS Lumsden is a small town in Southland and home of champion junior steeplechaser, Jack Beaumont)

Ken Lee

Alama Moller (Gary Moller's youngest son and nephew of Olympic Games medalist Lorainne Molle MBE?)

Jo MacKay (looks strong)

Alistair Timmins

Jon East or Rick Wellington (you decide)

Dave Sinkins

Edel Sweeney

MaryAnn Moller

Gordana Brkkjaca

Josephine Draper

Nicola Shaw

Matt Coles

Mark Baldwin

Mauro Oliveira

Lara Williams

Alex Jones

Sapphire Telford

Connor & Heather Gillan (any relation to Ian?)

Andreza Oliveira

Megan Walker

Anne Taylor

Dena McPhedran

Patrick Williamson - fastest time

Liam Carson

Sue Cuthbertson

Jason Waite

James Turner

Ryan Hunt

Harry Hitchens

Will Critchlow

Colin Price - out to beat his brother's attendance recod

Warwick Smith

Stacey Kennedy - fastest female

Sam Lee

Harry Barnes

Jennifer Schmidt - 2nd fastest female

Sophie Dickson - hot on Jenny's tail

Bayley-Rose van de Coolwyk

Katy Fahey

Fred Mwila

Antony Paltridge

Daphne Jones

Carl Hastings

Scott Ryland (with Adam Steinmetz pacing?)

Lucy Baker

Karen Chapman

Jessica Anderson

John Hines