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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

2012 Bays Relay Wellington Aug 11

The Bays Relay heralded the start of the road racing season. It was a beautiful day and perfect for lap records.  I believe there were a couple. I embedded myself at the lap 2/3 changeover because this is where the light is best. At this stage of the race it can get can hectic but Louise McDonald and the WHAC marshals did a great job managing the incoming/outgoing runners in a tricky part of the course safety wise.  

I missed the Wellington Road Champs at Wainuiomata but Kip Kemei (Scottish) was the unsurprising winner in the Senior Men’s 10k race.  Tim Hodge and Ben Barry (both Scottish) delivered good performances and Ben in particular is having a great season given that he was sidelined with injury for a while last year. In the Senior Women’s race, Sarah Drought (WHAC) is in a class of her own.  

Coming up in the next few weeks are the National Road Champs in Wellington and beyond that the National Road Relays in Nelson.  Although blurry at this stage, I have visions of The Cone.

And before I forget here is a photo of Olympian race walker Quentin Rew in running mode.