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Monday, 11 July 2016

2016 CycloCross Maidstone Park Upper Hutt Sun 10 July

Results - Round 4

Huttcross Race Report - Round 4  (To come)

So what is Cyclocross? Well basically it is cross country racing on bikes on tough courses. 

 The event on Sunday was organised by Huttcross and comprise 3 grade races plus one for the kids. 

The locations seem to vary but the basic characteristic of each course involve short sharp climbs, tight turns and the inevitable slippery bits. The Maidstone Park circuit also had an obstacle (like an XC jump/hurdle) which meant that riders had to dismount to navigate (although one rider jumped it without putting a foot on the ground). A water obstacle would make the races interesting.

Dismounting and either walking or carrying your bike is also normal in navigating certain sections of a course as this can be the most efficient way of completing the course.  

Grades are based on the length of races by time, not age or gender. Thus the C Grade race last 30 minutes, B grade 45 minutes and A grade 60 minutes.

I am not sure how winners are determined although everybody starts together and presumably keep on going until the clock stops. I am not absolutely sure about this. So if you have the endurance, speed and bike skills you can compete in the long race. 

It is an excellent spectator event as you can usually see the whole course from one or two places. Huttcross are organising the National Cyclocross Championship at Maidstone Park on Saturday 6 August which should be a good one.  I presume the layout of this event will take into account that fact that the ground gets badly cut-up in places and needs time to repair itself. 

Grade C Photos (30 min)

Kids Photos (10 min)

Grade B Photos (45 min)

Grade A Photos (60 min)