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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

2017 Scottish Waterfront 5k Wellington Tue 7 Nov

Learning to Fly

Keiron Sexton

Rebecca Elliott
Diane Morgan


Conditions were blustery and the numbers were down. Daryl said that it was “blowing something wicked” which isn’t wrong and this would have seriously affected times.  

Still the conditions did not stop newly arrived Irishman Kieron Sexton from sweeping around the course in 16.40. This is a respectable time given the fierce wind and will make a good story for the primary school kids Sexton teaches.  

It should come as no surprise though that Sexton has form as a middle distance runner so we might just see him up at the Newtown Park track this summer. 

Claiming second place for the men was Hiro Tanimoto who made a rare appearance to finish in 16.49. He was pacing to 17.00 so was his time just good luck or clever pace judgement?  

Tim Judge who has a best of 17.08 on this course was third in 18.12.

In the women’s competition a strong looking Rebecca Elliott claimed first place in 19.15.  

Newcomer Anna Campbell was 2nd in 20.38 which augers well for future runs.  

Sarah Fountain was 3rd in 21.28 a minute behind Campbell.  

All of them looked as if they handled the wind well.

A no show by Will Critchlow means that Brendon Thompson goes one up in the Critchlow-Thompson challenge, but it is early days so there is no need to panic.