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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

2015 Lifestyle 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 27 Jan

Results (The race organisers are no longer publishing results for public consumption in PDF format)

There is always something happening on the waterfront and the today the paddle-board ladies kept the public entertained with their display of stretches and contortions. The whole activity requires a degree of skill and concentration because on slip-up could result in a dip in the briny. So while it can’t be compared to climbing a mountain without a safety rope there is always a risk to dignity by falling into the water.

Further down the waterfront about six dragon boat crews were in training on the water which can only mean one thing – the annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming.

Today’s 5k was won by John Earles in 16.04 which was the exact time he ran in April last year when he notched up his first win. Is that weird or not?  Second fastest was Ben Twyman in 16.44 with the 3rd fastest time going to Jason Waite in 16.57. Nicola Hankinson was the fastest female across the line clocking in at 20.32.
The Olympic Club members did a good job trying to keep the wandering public from the finish line area but it is a bit like trying to herd cats. There is probably a case for looking at an alternative start/finish for this race because right now it is located in one of the narrowest and difficult to manage parts of the waterfront.

John Earles

Jason Waite

Ben Twyman a race regular

First home in the first wave of runners

Neil Price - has clocked up more starts in this race than anyone else. When are they going to give him free entry for being so loyal?