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Sunday, 26 June 2016

2016 Gazley Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k 5k & Kids Magic Mile Wellngton Sun 26 Jun

Race Results

Dom Post Race Report

Sometimes I wonder if the organisers have bitten off more than they can chew by having so many races. Obviously the choice of distances means more entries and more revenue but for all races apart from the full and half-marathon the finish chute area can be chaotic.

Being a local body election year some mayoral candidates decided that it might be a good idea to turn up to with their supporters show the flag. Nick Leggett was one of them and Justin Lester's name was also being bandied about.  This gives new meaning to the term "running for office".

The obligatory pre-race selfie. 

Tom Hodge wins the 10k race 

Nathan Tse, 2nd male in the 10k

Tim Cornish 3rd male in the 10k

James Richardson 4th on the 10k

Sarah Drought first female home in the 10k

Michael Voss (Rotorua) wins the half-marathon race in 1.10.14.

Chris Sanson, 2nd male in the half marathon

Brian Garmonsway 3rd male in the half marathon. He also picked up the Wellington Half marathon championship title for 2016

Ross Giblin, Dom Post photogapher at work

Irishman Ciaran Faherty winner of the full marathon in 2.36.56

Dave Parsons, 2nd male in the full marathon

90 year old Peter Tearle finishes the 5k walk

Josh Thomas, possibly the youngest full-marathon finisher

Will Laery breaks 3 hours in the full marathon

Dan Hunt the 1.45 pacer in the half-marathon. Pacer's don't get finish times so we can't tell how good they are

Katie Wyrill first female in the full marathon

World famous race-walker John Hines on the cusp of his 80th birthday 
Yumiko Tanaka second female in the full-marathon