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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

2015 Lifestyle 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 3 Feb


Jason Waite won tonight and it is not the first time. In fact JW's participation started back in August 2007 and over the years he has put his toes on the start line numerous times.  He has won 11 previous 5k's races but his best time was 5 years ago in Feb 2010 when he ran 15.58. Is he back on the comeback trail with his 17.14 tonight?

Behind Jason Waite there were a whole bunch of people I didn't know but I have posted some pictures anyway. There was no Ben and Bert, no Grant or Hamish, no Julian, Andrew or Stephen. There was absolutely nobody from Karori Park so you have to wonder what it is all about. 

I did recognise the famous Melissa Moon and prior to that there was the familiar sight of Camilla and Michael Browne  cruising along taking in the atmosphere at their own pace.

Special mention need to be made of the "on fire" Katie Kemp who picked up third fastest time overall - 17.51

Jason Waite 17.14

Katie Kemp 17.51