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Sunday, 16 November 2014

2014 College League Meeting 2 Newtown Park Fri 14 Nov


Week two of the "have a go" days and the turnout seemed a big bigger as the word has gotten around. This weeks programme was 100m, High Jump, Javelin, 800m, 200m 100x4 Relay. The kids seemed keen for shot-put so that was also on the menu.  Luckily Shaka Sola was on hand to tutor some of the participants in the shot put and Mark Tinkle had the odd word of advice for the high jumpers. But others have also offered their time to make sure things run smoothly including the experienced Peter Maunder and Geoff Henry. If I have any criticism it is the time available to fit in everything inside the 1 hour 15 minutes available, including the manual capture of times and place recording.