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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

2014 Children’s XC Series Race 4 Grenada North Park Tawa Sun 31 Aug

Individual Results
Team Results

It was a great day for cross-country with a good deal of sunshine and little wind. The Grenada North Park set-up is the 4th in the 5-event series and was organised by Olympic Harriers who have used the venue for their own XC champs.

The course marked out was different from last year with a bit of everything including two hurdles. I would say it is the best course design for any of the series races and even though it was a tough number it had variety which the kids seemed to like.

The fields for all 7 races were large which and the norm for the series. There was good competition which made some of the racing more exciting than what you would normally see in Centre XC races. This is because the races are relatively short which results in some close battles to the finish.

It was an odd thing though when after the last race was over a set of 1km time trials were held to select the relay team from amongst those representing Wellington at the Year 5-8 Inter-Regional XC Competition to be held in Hanmer Springs on 25 Sep. Apart from making kids run two races for the morning, I would have thought that the results from the XC series would have provided the selectors with all of the information required.




Felix Williamson (Scottish) left the field in the dust to win the year 7/8 race