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Saturday, 29 April 2017

2017 Wellington Mountain Running Champs Wainuiomata Sat 29 Apr

The Mountain Run course is not for the faint hearted.  The uphill portion of he run will burn your lungs and the rough downhill section has the potential to send you sprawling if you don’t watch where you put your feet.  

Slippery, steep and uneven generally describes the course and for the long race there is a whole 10.5km to cover which included the Hill from Hell a nasty final climb at the top of the ECNZ pylon road. Other distances were 8.5km (the results say 9km) and 6km for the juniors

Participant numbers tend to be low mainly because it is a tough race but also because it does not have the same high profile that other off road events enjoy (e.g. Xterra).  This is a shame as the Wainuiomata club put a lot of work into organising and managing the race but may not make a great deal of money. 

One issue is the current timing of the event which probably needs to be scheduled before the national mountain running champs are held, and not after.  A race before daylight saving ends could also appeal.  On that score I have always wondered why events such as 3 Peaks are not held over summer.

Senior 10.5km; Harry Burnard 44:26, Niam Macdonald 44:29, Joel Carman 46:37.
SW 10.5km; Sierra Ryland 64:58, Claudia Harrison 69:02,
MM 10.5km; Josh Campbell 48:02, Mike Waterman 49:28, Stewart Milne 49:48
JM 6km; Benjamin Wall 28:02, Gus Reece 29:04, Jack Hammond 29:23
JW 6km; Tessa Webb 29:46, Jayme Maxwell 30:05, Sophie Trench 40:35
MM 9km; Paul Forster 46:41, Bill Trompetter 48:11, Rob McCrudden 51:40
MW 9km; Carline Thomas 46:13, Lyn Clark 53:19, Rachel McKinnon 54:07
King Club of the Mountain Men; Olympic Harriers.

Queen Club of the Mountain Women; Wellington Scottish.

Course Description and Map

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