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Monday, 2 February 2015

2015 Black Programme & Wellington 10k Championship Newtown Park Sat 30 Jan


In Auckland Aaron Pulford dominated a small field to capture the Men's National 10k track title in a snappy time of 29.33.62. In the Women's championship race the victor was Lydia O'Donnell who covered the distance in 35.06.80. 

In Wellington a medium sized field of 15 starters turned out for the Wellington 10k track championships. Most entrants were master’s grade runners which tell us something.  A light southerly breeze brought some relief; even so the drink station was kept busy. 

Nick Horspool ran solo for most of the 25 lap race to pick up the men’s title in a respectable time of 31.50.93. He was the only senior grade runner in the whole event which does raise questions about what has happened to senior track racing in Wellington. There was a real race for 2nd and 3rd between Andrew Wharton and Stephen Day with Wharton getting the nod by a sliver. Clearly Stephen needs to do more speed work.
Victoria Humphries ran a solid race to win the women’s race in 41.21.64. She can now add this crown to the long list of running titles won. Second was Michelle Van  Looy with Georgina Cox third.

In other track events the 800m proved the most popular with a swag of WHAC juniors racing under the watchful eye of Evan Cooper.
The Kiwi club throwers were active in the field events and I have to say they are a great crew who give each other excellent support.

Nick Horspool clocked 31.50.93 to secure the 2015 Men's 10k Championship crown

Andrew Wharton 33.57.60, Stephen Day 33.57.61 fought it out every inch of the way. Harry Burnard took out 4th place in a creditable ran 34.17.72 

Vicki Humphries the new 2015 Women's 10k champ and Judith Cornish, lap counter

Alan Srevens

Graham McPhail and little Jack

Phoebe Edwards

Christina Gardner

Madeline Wilson

Renae Creser

Nikki Braniff-Jones

Jen Stoupe

James Preston

Josh Baan

Tom Caughley

Ryan Scaife

Callum Stewart

Elroy Lederman

Tom England

Joel Carman

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Peter Havell

Mark Handley

Max Karamanolis

Gus Reece

Ariana Harper

Kate Grinlinton

Charlotte Floodsmith

Neihana Randall

Callum Wilson

Sean Hewett

Harry Poland and Liam Carson - just did 1500m

Matt Gibbons

Rowan Hooper

Toby Hall

Darin Hunt

Peter Jack

Graham McPhail

Kullike Puks

Hannah Reynolds

Saravee Sos

Josh Ledger

Andrew Matsuoka-Webber

10,000m Photos

Alasdair Saunders 

Barry Joslin

Paul Barwick

Paul Sharp

Andrew Wheatley

Vicki Humphries

Matt Dravitski

Grant McLean

Bill Twiss

Georgina Cox

Michelle Van Looy

Judith Cornish - Vikki's mum

Andrew Wharton

Nick Horspool heading out on the last lap