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Sunday, 2 February 2014

2014 Black Programme & Wellington 10k Championship Newtown Park Sat Feb 1

The 10k championship event was run in conjunction with a 3k race. There would have been a 5k as well but this didn't happen because of a lack of entries. There were 9 starters in the 10k and 11 in the 3k. The 10k competitors were all masters grade with Daniel Hunt the lone senior man. Where were the others?

The winners of the mens title race was Grant Mclean (34.19.6) from Scottish and in the women's race Olympics' Michelle Van Looy (43.29.0) struck gold. The standout performances were from the oldest members in the field Albert Van Veen, Hutt Halley Harriers  and the amazing 83 year old Michael Browne. Full meeting Results