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Saturday, 1 November 2014

2014 Scottish Morning Wellington Waterfront Race (including Tanadees Trophy) Sat 1 Nov


In terms of numbers the turnout for this race was nothing to write home about especially given the reported size of the Scottish club. Where were they all? Some may have been lured to the Auckland half and full marathon or the track and field programme at Newtown Park. Whatever the reason, I can't really see the value of this 10km race when a reasonable number of starters were content to run the 5km option. Dougal Thorburn was first home in the 5km while Rowan Hooper scooped the 10km option. Mrs Jones burgled the Arkwright Cup while Andrew Wharton scooped the Tarnadees Trophy, which in my day was an open handicap race on an out-and-back Lyall Bay/Island Bay course.

Rowan Hooper and Dougal Thorburn

Dq'd for being unregistered and not following the course 

Stephen Day, Andrew Wharton Sam McCutcheon, Cam Goldsmith

Helen Willis


Dougal Thorburn winning the 5km option

Rowan Hooper secures the 10km win

Sam McCutcheon did 15km

Hinano Andrews

Emily Solsberg

Matyas James

Scott Ryland

Mrs Jones grabs the Arkwright Cup win