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Saturday, 12 March 2016

2016 Gold Programme Newtown Park incorporating Wgtn 5000m Champs and College 2000m Steeplechase


The 5000m had an extremely large field (roughly 31 entries with 27 finishers) but apparently there is a reason.

The story as I heard it was that Wellington Centre did not schedule a 5k championship race into its 2015/2016 programme.

So to put things right Rees Buck requested that it be included into Saturday’s programme.

Bucky rallied the troops which is why the bulk of the field was made up of Scottish Club members. 

I suspect the big turnout was also intended to make a point about the need to include longer track events into the seasons planning. 

Jaqueline Wilson  with the Noeleen Perry Memorial Cup and the Race Walking New Zealand All Year All Round Champion Cup

Gary Rawson with his Wellington Masters Male Athlete of the Year award

Oliver Barrass St Pat's Silverstream

Stephen Day and his Karate Kid impersonation

Open Men Donal Hanratty (3rd), Nick Horspool (1st), Rowan Hooper (2nd)

Open Women: Emily Solsberg (2nd), Vicky Humphries (1st), Renae Creser (3rd)

Big field - double start

Nick Horspool  leading

Joel Carman

Stefan Przycodzko

Michael du Toit

Jonathan Beresford

Andy Ford

Simon Keller

The redoubtable Vicky Humphries

Renae Creser 

James Turner

Sarah Riceman

Rees Buck

Emily Soksberg

Chris McIlroy and Nick Horspool making the pace

Niam MacDonald (Fielding Moa?) looking good

Alasdair Saunders

The lap scorers

Jonathan Justice - a noted fast-finisher

Rowan Hooper

Hinano Andrews

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Harrison Burnard

Jamie White

Donal Hanratty

Mathew Rogers

Tim Noble

Michele Van Looy

Jess Kikstra

Ange Penberthy

The WHAC Men's representative