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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

2014 Lifestyle 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 28 Oct


Ben Twyman with a string of wins under his belt returned to the start line possibly hoping to pick up where he left off. But with Dougal Thorburn, the 2013 National Marathon Champion, also lining up for the gun this was going to be an interesting test of fitness.  As the picture below shows Doogie and Ben were roughly together half-way to the turn around on Oriental Parade, but as the race progressed Doogie built up a good gap which at the Skate Park looked to be about 100m.  The chilly northerly wind most likely impacted on times with Thorburn posting 16.13 with Twyman clocking 16.58 his slowest time of the series. 

Dr Doogie Thorburn and Ben Twyman at New World on the way out

Skate Park street art - pity about the tagging

This is what real skateboarding is about

Dougal at the Skate Park on the way back

Ben chasing Dougal, but to no avail 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

2014 Lifestyle 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 21 Oct


Exactly a year ago Hamish Carson set the course record for this race clocking up a sizzling 14.41. I am a little disappointed that Carson didn't come out today to see if he could shave off some time although given the nice day and the crowded waterfront he may have been climbing over people to finish. I was a teeny weeny bit disappointed that Ben Twyman didn't show because it means that we will never know if he could have made it 9 straight wins in succession. 

So in the end the fastest time for today's race was 17.09 set by the race-fit Grant McLean followed 10 seconds back by Bert Prendergast. The fastest female was Brooke Thomas who came hone in 19,54.

Also in the field was Melissa Moon taking on the role of guide for Maria Williams a sight impaired runner getting ready for the forthcoming Auckland half Marathon. 

Melissa Moon and Maria Williams

Grant McLean 17.09

Bert Prendergast 17.19

Brooke Thomas 19.54

Monday, 20 October 2014

2014 Black Programme Newtown Park Sat 18 Oct

Despite strengthening work on the Newtown Park grandstand which has closed the timing room, Ed Hutchinson and Peter Ballie managed to ring up a portable system which has taken away the angst of manual timing. 
Given the time of year there was a reasonable turn out of athletes especially in the men’s grade which saw at last 3 heats taking up 9 lanes.  But without the crew who regularly come over from the Wairarapa each week numbers would be significantly dented. 

There were good performances in most events but especially by 14yo Michael Poa (St Pats Silverstream) who ran a tactical race 800m storming home in a fine 2.01.  

In the 3000m there was a rare appearance by Dougal Thorburn but it’s a pity that he had no competition to push him along.

John Hines wearing a vintage Scottish singlet

Jim Blair thought the caption for this should be the father, the son & the holy ghost. Who am I to argue

Aneurin Hunt does just about everything

Lucy England (Lower Hutt)

Max Press (St Pat's Silerstream) and Faiyeung Szeto (Scottish)

Tom England (Lower Hutt)

Micheal Poa (St Pat's Silverstream)

Ryan Scaife (St Pat's Silverstream)

James Reilly (WHAC)

Andrew Matsuoka-Webber helps Bruno McKight with his blocks

Bruno McKnight (WHAC) and Mark Macfarlane (Wgtn Masters) with a 38 year gap in age

Harry Burnard and Dougal Thorburn (Scottish)

Faiyeung Szeto (Scottish) and Max Karamanolis (WHAC)

Wingyeung Szeto and Michael Henriks (Scottish)

The "G" Boys