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Monday, 20 February 2017

2017 Cigna Round the Bays Sun 19 Feb


Dom Post Report (includes the first  3 male and female finishers in each event)

A rare weather day in Wellington just perfect for racing, running, fishing or just doing anything.

Lots of people hit the road for the 3 events that make up the Round the Bays. The media have reported the numbers as around 14,300 which is a lot but when you consider that the New York marathon has around 51,000 finishers, well then. 

First to start were the half-marathoners, followed by the 10k runners and last the 6.5k run for fun people. The event has changed significantly from when it first started when the only event was a 7k run for fun starting near the railway station (as I recall). 

I understand from Jo Murray that Athletics Wellington had a table at Kilbirnie Park to promote athletics but more specifically to tell parents about what is on offer for kids. I believe that Scottish and WHAC were also doing some recruiting which makes perfect sense.  I wonder if they will try and repeat this at Westpac Stadium in June as part of Armstrong Marathon and Half-Marathon?

Half-Marathon Photos

Chris Sanson from PN the Half Marathon winner. He has some impressive marathon times

Rowan Hooper - a DNF - was he pacing? No it was a potential injury that forced him out 

Stephen Day checking to see if he is on 66 min pace. Scott Russell to his right with Dan Clendon representing WHAC

Scottish trio of Miles Jones, Paul Barwick and Ben Twyman (back in racing mode)

Grant McLean

Bert Prendergast

Alex Jones with Metallica in his ears

Betty Harp

Is this a banana person?
Interesting colour combo

TV3 Journalist and presenter Mike McRoberts

Somebody is having a barbecue

No wind

10k Photos

Lucas Duros from Napier winner of the 10k race

Daniel Hunt

Nick Horspool back racing. He won last year's Cigna Half in a smart 68 minutes

Matt Maloney from Dunedin's Caversham club.

Katie Kemp, finished 6th overall. Don't try and beat her because you could lose

Sarah Gardner

Nicole Mitchell

Off-road specialist Naim Macdonald a pink pacer on 40min. His finish line time was 39.54. Niam ran a 3k steeplechase in the afternoon at Newtown Park

John Hines 

6.5k Run for Fun Photos

The leading bunch

The fastest 3 - Tim Hodge (Scottish) race winner, Joshua Mcalary (USA) (in red), Ryan Mcalister (WHAC) 

The moment Ryan M realises he has left the keys in the car. 

What is he doing?

Driving a scooter through the field is not cool

WHAC Juniors showing off on their Sunday training run. Not cool 

On a windy day this could well have been resistance training

Lots of Achillies people out. Good to see

Iron Maiden fan.  

The end