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Saturday, 7 October 2017

2017 Have A Go Day Newtown Park Wellington Sat 7 Oct

Results to come
10,000m Results

Light to heavy drizzle and possibly no/low entries put paid to most field events although there was some action at the eastern shot put arena. 

The throwers piked on the 60m event preferring to take shelter in the stands but their places were taken up by the youngster sprinters not afraid of a little wetness. 

The other track events went ahead although fields were extremely light. This left the main event as the requested 10,000m race. 

Now this race it seems was deigned to see how well individuals could do over 10km following the national relay. The idea was that if they were race fit for that then maybe now is a good time to see how they could time trial over a measured 10,000 metres. 

By any standard the field was large and oddly enough with little end and a light drizzle conditions were actually perfect. As Fred Dagg would have said if he was hanging over the fence "We don’t know how propitious are the circumstances Frederick!"

With lap counters in position (and sheltering from the rain) they were off.

A big bunch led out by Stephen Day with Harrison Burnard and Chris Mcilroy in attendance just behind. This leading bunch progressively pulled away from the rest of the field which had basically broken up into different groups.

There were a few pull-outs before Niam Macdonald and Lachlan Haitana took over the front running offering us the prospect of an interesting finish. With 300 to go it could have been anybody's race but Haitana had the legs over the last 200 to win comfortably from Macdonald with Mcilroy in third.

This was a good race to watch and worth getting wet for.  The point to note about the results is that it does not show all of those who started, in other words the DNF’s  

The third shot put throw of the season at Newtown Park

100m start - mixed grades

10km start - lots of yellow

10km in the early stages

10km a few of the lap counters

Dave Lonsdale looking comfortable with 9 laps to go

10km after half way

 10km in the latter part of the race

10km finish