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Sunday, 26 April 2015

2015 Shaw Baton Battle Hill Pautahanui Sat 25 April 2015

Dallas McCallum back in the blue


On the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli Scottish Wellington secured its 20th straight win in the Shaw Baton, but only just. Pushed hard by the Wellington Harriers (WHAC) Senior Men's team, mostly made up of U20 Juniors, Scottish finished just 9 seconds ahead of its rivals in what was a very exciting race. WHAC Coach Evan Cooper made the decision to put his juniors "up a grade" because he believed there was a chance that the team could cause an upset. And it nearly did.

Since the Shaw Baton is the first inter-club race of the winter season there were a number of new faces observed along with the old.  It was evident that Victoria University has built its base membership with a few new showings and the Wellington Tri Club are in for the long haul despite modest turnouts last year and this year.

It may just be me, but I though there were a lot of kids participating which I can only put down to the work of Jo Murray via the Kids XC series and the concentrated effort of clubs to capitalise on this.

The real highlight for me though was seeing Dallas McCallum back in racing mode. For those that don't know DMc is a local running legend being a key member of the original WHAC "blue Kenyans" which dominated the Wellington athletic scene for several decades.  Interestingly today was the first time he has competed at Battle Hill which underpins the fact that the SB course moved around a lot in the past before finding its current home.

From the 3059 photos taken on Saturday I have posted a few below. I estimate that when I discount the out-of-focus and crappy pics ( I take plenty of those) about 25% of the useable collection get to see the light of day. 

Helen Willis, Scottish stalwart

Event 2 Little Kids Run for Fun (note how many are smiling)

Event 3 Bigger Kids

Event 4 Really Big Kids