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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

2015 Scottish 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 6 Oct

The first wave is away and Paul Rodway takes the opportunity to practice his race finish
The new start/finish on the waterfront showed how vulnerable everybody is to the bitterly cold wind that strikes from the north in springtime.  

Daryl the dude told folks that they would have a nice-tail wind on the way back to the finish, but was a bit sceptical about that.

The pink runner warning signs were well placed but it probably won’t slow down the kamikaze cyclists.  

The 5k signs marking the finish chute also make the finish area more obvious (especially to the wandering pedestrians) which is a big improvement on the old course.

So the fastest time (16.45) on the new course created last week is still intact, but we will have to see if Steve Day, or some other mountain runner, turns up sometime to try and smash it, just for a bit of fun.

The high and mighty
The first wave

The Finish Line

The second wave, and a kamikaze cyclist has made a break on the field

The second wave is away chasing the cyclist and Paul Rodway