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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

2017 Scottish Waterfront 5k Wellington Tue 7 Feb

Results and Daryl's Race Report

Today's conditions were perfect for racing with a light southerly garnished with a light drizzle of the wet stuff. No wonder there were so many PB's. Meanwhile out on the pond high school rowers and dragon boaters took advantage of the calm conditions to get in some decent training. A duck was also spotted. 

They probably have a sign like this at the New York Marathon

Ian Stronach, GM Corporate Affairs, Scottish 5k Waterfront Group

Daryl the Dude - still keen to make the event free?


Not resting

Waiting for the pram tyres to be changed to wet racing

Dan Hunt executes a cunning flanking  manoeuvre to leave Burnard and Jones floundering

A spotted duck

Miles Jones

Daniel Hunt

Ryan Hunt

Adam Steinmetz

Gareth Smart

Matt Bonner

Alister Grange

Harrison Burnard  - a pacer

Kacper Sroga

Brendon Thompson

Cook Island flag. Looks nice

Colin Price

Harry Barnes

Is this Ben Issacs?

John Plimmer

The man in green

Ross Nelson

Iain Shaw

Ben Eveleigh

Simon Bidwell

Simon Templeman

Gerard Gordon

Now who is this? Oh yes James Turner

Daniel Langley

Kim Payton (Walker)

Who is this and more importantly why is he smiling?

Danielle Trewoon - first female and if she isn't in a running club then sign her up

Marie Pugh

Thomas Britton

A determined Justin Harris

Sarah Fountain

Neil Price holds the world record for the number of 5k waterfront races completed

Hamish Paterson

Bex Hutchinson

David Sinkins

Charlie Noakes

Jordan Yee

Michel Wray in a fetching matching yellow outfit

Daryl does not know who this is

Phil Elcome

Tim Skurr

Kim Wepasnick

Frank Cole

Dave Piper and Robyn Holdaway

Matthew Womack

Marian Goodwin

Adam Bennetts

Amy Cunningham

Hinano Andrews

Nicola Shaw

Rick Wellington

Renee Le'Afa

Dennis Hardie (237)

Rachel Pynenburg

Scott Ryland

Michael Browne

Camilla Browne

Evie Burgin

Scarlett Anderson

Evelyn Elisara

Denise Pilcher

Helen Steven

Jessica Jones

Lindsay Barwick

Boat people

John Palmer

Paul Reid

Allison Groves

Stephanie Mullally

Kate McLennan

Gosh - it's Diane Morgan

Isabel Ross

More boat people

Karen Ward

Claire Jennings