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Monday, 12 January 2015

2015 Lifestyle 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 13 Jan


It was a warm day which indicates that summer is just around the corner.  But what would Wellington be like if we didn't have a breeze from the north. While the finish line had a little bit of protection from the wind, Hamish Carson reported that it was more keenly felt further out on the course.

Overall the turnout for the two races starts wasn't huge which probably indicates that some peeps are still on holiday. Things won't be back to normal until Ben Twyman turns up again. But as usual there was plenty of waterfront distraction - this time from the lady paddle boarders who entertained us with their skill in staying dry while performing a series of intriguing exercises. It should be made an Olympic sport.

Hamish Carson checks the time on his Rolex

See what I mean

Paul Rodway 23.37 - possibly training for Rotorua

Hamish Carson 14.47 - flying to the finish

Jason Waite 16.52 

Harry Burnard 16.59 - if it has a finish line, he will do it

Rebecca Elliott 18.11 - first female

The world famous Melissa Moon 20.03

Waka practice for Waitangi Day?