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Monday, 8 December 2014

2014 Gold Programme Newtown Park Sat 6 Dec


As was to be expected attedance at Newtown Park was low due to the NZ Secondary Schools Track & Fields Champs in Whanganui. Despite that there was still plenty of competition especially in the sprint events Terry Hawkins-Collins and Saravee Sos continue to slug it out. In the field events the Kiwi Club dominate in the throwing disciplines in fact it would be a rarity for a thrower not to be a member of that club. Also spotted was Daniel Wallis now reported to be leaving Scottish for North Shore Bays.

Darin Hunt

David Evans

Robbie Hannan

Kullike Puks


Liam Corkery

Hannah McLeod

Marama Butler

Terry Collins-Hawkins and Sravee Sos

Peter Jack


Jo Doherty

Georgina Cox

Helen Willis

Michael du Toit and Grant McLean

Kevin Pugh

Zhihao Cai

Alastair Saunders

William Adams

Jonathan Sceats

Cameron Morgan

Barrie Joslin

Mathew Rogers

Michel du Toit


Callum Wilson


Terry Collins-Hawkins and Saravee Sos