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Sunday, 10 September 2017

2017 Perlorus Trust Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km, 5km and Kids 1km Petone Sun 10 Sep


This is the 30th anniversary for the half-marathon although race choices today include distances from the marathon through to 1km (for the kids) plus walk options. The full marathon distance has been offered for the first time this year. 

The various courses seem to be a mix of everything and the route taken for the long races is unlikely to be boring. In fact the variety including twists and turns and changing surfaces  probably disqualifies the races from being considered as "fast" although others may disagree, 

For 2017 the half marathon doubles as the Wellington Half Champs which attracted some of the regions faster runners. First home was Hiro Tanimoto in 69.31 (new race record) with Dougal Thorburn next in 71.50. Both runners have been previous winners.

In the inaugural full marathon a tired looking Anthony Jackson finished below 3 hours in 2.56.04 with a huge gap back to the second placegetter who arrived at the tape in 3.18.53. The experienced Englishman, Jackson has a best time of 2.29.46 for the marathon and has raced everything from 100m and beyond.  

The 10km had some drama though as some of the lead runners went the wrong way at a critical point because there was no marchall on the spot to direct. This meant that the two runners leading ended up running further and losing their No 1 and 2 spots respectively. Ken Howell the race director acknowledged the glitch and said the organisers would recognise this when awarding prizes.

So at the finish it was Mark Moore who ended up on the winner podium with Ben Winder close on his tail. The respective times posted by these two were 34.49 and 34.53 with it all being decided on the run in to the finish. 

I have to mention that well known Trentham United race walker Daniel Du Toit took off in the 10k walk faster than a rocket full of monkeys to finish in 53.32. Club mate and national age grade female walking champion Jacque Wilson was second in a time of 1.05.46.

I have posted some photos below but not everyone will be shown because I did not cover all races.

Anthony Jackson inaugural full marathon winner

The leading bunch just after the start, Dan Clendon, Dougal Thorburn (Dr Doogie) and 2017 race winner Hiro Tanimoto

The Bert and Ben show getting into gear at the start
Hiro Tanimoto the new Wellington Half Marathon champ and race record holder
Sean Lake takes an early lead in the half-marathon walk

Half Marathon Photos

10km Photos