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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

2011 Vosseler Shield Mt Victoria Wellington Sat 21 May

The Vosseler Shield races can be a problem to photograph on a heavily overcast day similar to that experience on Saturday. The problem is having sufficient light for action shots. The challenge is to find the right spot on the course that allows for a slower shutter speed than usual and an ISO setting is ideally no more than 400 with no exposure compensation. Because the races start later than they used to, the Hataiti side of Mt Victoria loses direct sunlight quite early in the afternoon. It can be extremely dull.

On a sunny day (as it was last year) there is the additional problem of backlighting and high sunlight/shade contrast. My favourite spot is slightly north of the first Alexandra Road crossing mainly because it an open area and gets direct sunlight for much longer. However when it’s bright and sunny in the spot you can see quite clearly the shaded spots mostly blocked by the trees on the city side of the hill.

The picture above shows Daniel Nixon and Evan Cooper well ahead the rest of the field on lap 1 of the Men’s 10km race. The Wellington Harrier Club duo both ran well and stuck together for most of the gruelling two lap course. Cooper finally took the win when he broke away from Nixon on a downhill section close to the finish.