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Sunday, 19 April 2015

2015 Shaw Baton Battle Hill Revisited Sat 23 April 2005

Evening Post 20 July 1935

The history of the Olympic Harriers tells us that the Shaw Baton Relay race was first contested in 1923. Over the decades there have been many different courses, some better than others. In my opinion the current location at Battle Hill would be hard to beat.

These days the Shaw Baton is usually the first inter-club race on the winter calendar and generally has a good turnout. The course has a bit of everything but because the circuit that everybody runs is relatively the relay tends to favour the speedsters.

To its credit Olympic Harriers have made available the Shaw Baton results from 1994 up to the present.
Similar to the Le Gaye I have posted below a selection of photos from the 2005 Shaw Baton at Battle Hill.  The challenge is to see if you can recognise anyone and remember their names. 

Race 1

Race 2