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Thursday, 22 September 2016

2016 Inter Provincial Primary & Intermediate Schools XC Champs Waikanae Thu 22 Sep

Sam Idiens (Year 8) brings home the Canterbury relay team to victory and the Dave Dixon Baton


These races are an annual event and for 2016 were hosted by Wellington at Waikanae Park on the Kapiti Coast. Next year the event will be in Timaru.

Weather wise it was fine day which proved spring had arrived, except not in Wellington city (17 degrees compared to 12 degrees in Wellington city. 

Competitors are of primary and intermediate school age (9 to 12) and are the best in their grades in their school regions. 

The regions represented were South Canterbury Canterbury, Tasman and Wellington.  To get selected kids have to compete in a number of zone/sub-regional races to make the final teams of up to 10 in each grade. There were 8 races so about 300 children participated in 8 races. 

The 1km course was interesting and reasonably demanding with a number of rises and downhill sections. Race distances for the first 4 races was 2km (year 5 & 6, girls and boys) while the last 4 races covered 3km (year 7 & 8 girls and boys) 

Canterbury dominated across most of the races and produced some fine team racing.

There was also a 8 1km lap relay with a team member from each grade per region. Once again Canterbury showed their superiority but all teams got plenty of team-mate support.  

Every finisher got a participation medal with medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Canterbury won the Phil Costley shield and the Dace Dixon relay Baton. Local Olympian Hamish Carson fresh from Rio presented the winner medals and trophies

Daryl the dude did the timekeeping and as an example of efficiency only used 5 GoPro's rather than the usual 7. 

Saturday, 3 September 2016

2016 National Road Champs Masterton Sat 3 Sep

ANZ Race Preview
ANZ Race Report
ANZ Weekly Roundup Newsletter 5 Sep (Murray McKinnon)
Individual Results
Team Results

Daniel Balchin
Laura Nagel

First up, out of town competitors should be congratulated for turning up in Masterton as it is not the easiest place to get to. I presume that next year's road champs will also be in Masterton if Athletics NZ sticks to it's current policy of staying with champ location for two tears in a row.

The various races were run over a 1 kilometre circuit right in the centre of Masterton, with a McDonalds in spitting distance. Cones were placed well away from the footpaths so it was a good running surface although the turns would have been tight. The lap configuration made the races excellent for spectators, especially the local residents who basically safely stayed inside. 

The event was well organised by Athletics Wellington and the local Masterton club but the deceptively warm conditions would have been felt by competitors.

As a general observation competitor numbers were low, not that anybody seems to be worried.  The U20 Men's race had 7 starters while there was only one entrant for the U20 women's race.

I did not photograph the walking races or the first two running races (Masters Women and Masters Men) but have posted below some images from the Men's U18, Men's U20 and the Senior Men's and Women's 10k.  I won't post any pics from the two kids races even though I have some.  

Lap 1

Lap 1

Isaiah Priddey (219) & Seamus Kane (238)

Joel Carman (216)

Jack Elliot (218)

Liam Miller (215)

Thomas Conder (227) & Liam Jones (213)

Chris Dryden (223)

Lap 2

Mitchell Small (228)

Alex Hull (217)

Olaf Manz (239)

Hugh O'Donoghue (214)

Ben Wall (225)

Alex Langley (220)

Dan Roswell (222)

Lap 3

Max Karamanolis (241)

Theo Purdy (223) 

William Sinclair (231)

James Reilly (236)

Samuel Phillips (234)

Lap 4

Chris Devaney (240) 

Liam Chesney (221)

Bradley Christison (230)

Lap 5

James Uhlenberg (232)

Theo Purdy (223) & Logan Slee (242)

Max Spencer (235) & Sam Hyde-Smith (226)

Photos Men U20 8km

Lap 1

Sean Eustace (301), Christian Davey (308), Christian Conder (305) & Stefan Przychodzko (303)

Andrew Moorman (306)

Michael Voss (304)

Callum Stewart (307)

Photos Senior Men & Senior Women 10km

Lap 1

Nick Rennie (818) & Alex Parlane (817)

Leuan van der Peet (838)

Sam McCutcheon (813)

Ryan McAlister (828)

Nick Sasse (830)

Dave Lovelock (806)

Jamie White (802)

Rhys Mildon (840)

Laura Nagel (823)

Sally Gibbs (524)

Joshua Smith (814)

Katie Kemp (554)

Sarah Drought (809)

Esther Keown (825)

Sarah Gardner (801)

Carl Read (568)

Shannon-Leigh Litt

Lap 2

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Olivia Ritchie (832)

Alice Wilson (803)

Amanda Broughton (807)

Charlotte Gordon (824)

Molly Savill (834)

Sarah Riceman (829)

Ayesha Shafi (812)

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Lap 3

Daniel Balchin (820)

Caden Shields (811)

Tim Hodge (808)

Alex Dodds (827)

Michael Banks (816)

Malcolm Hodge (826), Tim's bro

Lydia O'Donnell (819)

Charlotte Gordon  (824)

Ariana Harper (835)

Letha Whitham (805)

Lap 4

Balchin dogged by Shields

Jackson and Rennie 

Lucas Duross (836)

Brian Garmonsway (563) 

Nathan Tse (837)

Rowan Hooper (564)

Lap 5

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Lap 6

Lap 7

Will O'Connor (810)

Liam Woolford (833) - my guess

Lap 8

Lap 9 - Shields leads

Lap 9 Jackson and Balchin 2nd and 3rd respectively