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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

2017 Scottish Waterfront 5k Wellington Tue 24 Oct


The field looked a bit smaller tonight possibly because some lucky people are on an extended Labour weekend break. A quick scan of the start line indicated that the two fastest runners were Dan Jones and Niam Macdonald although both were on pacer duty son would not be out to win. Ironically both are dedicated hill/mountain athletes so cruising around a flat course is like taking a holiday. For some reason Macdonald had the uncanny ability to post a finish time a few seconds short of his pace time (19.54 versus 20.00). 

Naturally I was interested to see how the Will Critchlow/Brendon Thompson clash would pan out tonight. Two weeks ago both dead-heated but last week Will came home well ahead of Brendon although B won the spot prize, if that is any consolation. In a quick interview with rowanglive TV between tying up his shoelaces and heading to the start line, Will C set out his goal for the season.

The fastest male tonight was Paul Barwick in 16.46 followed by Dan Hunt in 17.23 followed by Tim Judge in 17.29. Barwick's time is a waterfront PB for him but he will have to go quicker if he is to beat Ben Twyman's 16.22 set last week and the fastest time by anybody this season.  For the women Emma Bassett ran 19.49 a PB for her. But I am sure she is capable of bringing that time down even further if the conditions are right. The 2nd woman across the line was Anthea Morrison in 20.45 followed by Lucy Lawlor in 21.11

In the much anticipated Will Critchlow/Brendon Thompson clash it was a close run thing but tonight it was Thompson that got Critchlow's scalp. Their respective times were 18.16 and 18.20. By my reckoning they are both roughly even in terms of the bouts won. Next week will be interesting. 

So that is it for this week. 

Message to Daryl, if I were you I would keep the microphone locked up after you have done your race briefing.

The pictures above are of the Scottish crew manning the rego desk.