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Saturday, 27 April 2013

2013 Shaw Baton Relays Battle Hill Pauatahanui Sat 27 Apr

The Shaw Baton relay race is the first inter-club event of the winter season centre and generally well supported. As cross country races go it has everything, flat bits, boggy bits, grass, gravel, wooden jumps, a water obstacle, uphill, downhill and great scenery.  The place to be is the water jump because this is where the minor mishaps are likely to occur and in front of the enthusiastic gallery ready to applaud those water crossings perfectly executed. Not all made it with dignity, but because the clock is ticking there is no time for team runners to reflect on what went wrong. As usual the Olympic Club were efficient with their organisation and with the speedy production of preliminary team results.

Rowan Hooper leading the way in the 6 Lap race

Some minor mishaps in no particular order