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Sunday, 10 May 2015

2014 University Relays, QEII Park Paekakariki Sat 9 May

Marcus Karamanolis - fastest lap of the day
Colin Maclachlan past president of Athletics NZ and life member of both Scottish Wellington and Athletics Wellington

Race 1 - Kids 9 years & under
Race 2 - Kids 11 years & under
Race 3 - Kids 13 years & under
Race 4 - Main Relay

Race Report (from the finish line)
Believe it or not I have never run on this relay course.  The reason for this is that for many decades Scottish never supported this event apart from Don Dalgliesh who brought his juniors out. If I recall correctly it all had something to do with the politics of running administration  in Wellington. The result was an effective boycott by Scottish of the relay event that was slotted into the calendar after Scottish had reluctantly agreed to drop an event because the racing programme was becoming too crowded. The implication being that the dropped event would have remained if it was known that was simply going to replaced by something new ie the relay.

Last year I published photos of those wearing sunnies. It must have been a bright day. But this year, on a similar bright day, I only saw one person wearing this particular accessory.

Race 1 - Boys & Girls 9 Years & Under

Race 2 - Boys & Girls 11 Years & Under

Race 3 - Boys & Girls 13 Years & Under

Race 4 - Relay race - Men & Women - Juniors, Senior & Masters