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Friday, 27 March 2015

2015 Lifestyle 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 24 Mar


It looks like the Cricket World Cup semi-final between NZ and South Africa was the cause of the small field and subdued waterfront for tonight’s race.  Fastest time went to Todd Stevens (17.08) followed by Bert Prendergast (17.22).  
Bert had a good day at the New Plymouth Mountain to Surf marathon a few weeks back clocking up a PB of 2.52.18(7th place) surpassing his previous best time of around 3.07 by a substantial margin.

While this race drops in elevation Bert indicated the strong northerly wind made race conditions difficult.

While it is not something to gloat over trouncing training partner Ben Twyman (16th in 3.06.41) must have brought Bert a smidgen of satisfaction. There is nothing like a bit of rivalry to help the training along.
The next long races on the Bert agenda are likely to be Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland so we shall have to wait and see how these events pan out.

Bert didn’t seem that enthusiastic about doing cross country races over the winter preferring the road instead.  I mentioned that I had a couple of old XC photos of Ben which I might post.  As it transpires Bert and Ben went to the same high school together and ran the same NZSAA races so I may just have some pics of Bert as well as Ben.  It may be time to dig into the archives to see what I can find.