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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

2017 Scottish Waterfront 5k Wellington Tue 14 Feb

Former Labour PM, the Rt Hon Sir Geoffrey Palmer takes the lead in the Politicians Walk.

Results and Daryl's Race Report

There was a big field tonight with plenty of first time entrants. The field also included a large number of Newlands College kids who covered the 5k as part of a fitness assessment. Look for red and blue. An added incentive to get in some racing miles would be the prospect of this Sunday's Round the Bays Run for Fun, which might be a wet day if the weather forecast is anything to go by .  

Race conditions were fine and if you take out the wind they would have been perfect. As can be expected the waterfront is a dangerous place on a fine day and there is always a risk of being run down by speeding cyclists. They don't slow down for anybody and frankly they are a risk to life and limb when they hurtle around blind corners (as they did).  With the Dragon Boat Festival coming up crews were out on the water getting in a bit of practice. And it probably pays to do this when the waters are less than calm because these conditions are more than likely to prevail on race day. 

Andrea Adams

John Hines

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