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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

2015 Lifestyle 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 20 Jan


I had trouble loading these photos up last night as Microsoft Internet Explorer was behaving like a Trabant. I eventually got them up with Chrome.  Anyway it was another busy race day on the waterfront with people enjoying the weather and views everywhere.
The fastest time in the 3rd 5k race for 2015 was Ben Twyman in a time of 16.37 with Bert Prendergast chasing hard to pick up 2nd in 16.39.  This was an impressive PB for Bert and with only a 2s gap is it possible that Prendy might shut out Benny for line honours sometime in the future?
Third quickest was masters stalwart Grant McLean in 16.53, followed 1s back by a fast finishing Jason Waite in 16.54.  Grant suggested that this was revenge for last week when Jason had it over him.

Grant said that the human traffic on Oriental Bay was especially heavy particularly around the Port Nicholson Yacht Club and the beach areas. He reckons that on any given race day up to 100m extra can be covered avoiding people and obstacles. 

Jason Waite leads on the outward journey

Ben Twyman back in business

Grant McLean looking sharp and bright

The waterfront

Boat on the water

Chardonnay anyone?

Ben Tywman heading for home

Bert Prendergast looking dangerous

Grant McLean working ahead to stay ahead of Jason Waite

Jason Waite trying not to let Grant run away

Andrea Adams Camilla Browne & Michael Browne looking far too relaxed

Dragon Boat training