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Saturday, 5 April 2014

2014 Scottish Morning Wellington Waterfront Race Sat 5 Apr

A beautiful day in Wellington which at 8,00am brought out plenty of dogs taking their owners for a walk, joggers, cyclists, walkers and sightseers. Not an auspicious start to the 5k or 10k option race though. There were 36 participants which given the size of the club must be disappointing for the organisers. This is especially so given the fantastic racing conditions.  From my perspective the turn-off could be the over-used course that offers few challenges to those who already run the same bit of pavement in training or as part of the Tuesday night 5k race series.  There is essentially no point of difference between the two events apart from the early morning start for the new Saturday series and the 10k option. I also doubt also if the $10 entry fee will attract a lot of non-Scottish club members given that the entry fee for the Tuesday night race is $8 with a free beer thrown in.  We will have to wait and see if interest picks up for the rest of the series. Results

Nick Horspool (32.57) unchallenged in the 10k