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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

2014 Lifestyle 5k Series Wellington Waterfront Tue 11 Nov


A blustery evening with a chilly wind coming straight off the central plateau.  Despite the rarity of a free race entry the uninviting weather conditions probably kept a number of potential participants away. It certainly reduced the volume of pedestrians and cyclists although some of the latter weaved through the human traffic at breakneck speed.

The fastest time of 17.39 went to Michael du Toit which I believe could be his first win since he started competing in this race away back in 2009. Second in 17.43 was Michael Hoose who I suspect could be a visitor to town. The fleetest woman was Emily Solsberg in 19.0.

Practicing for the high wire

Sounds dangerous

Michael du Toit and Matthias Hoose racing to the finish

Michele Allison

No place to be if you get seasick