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Sunday, 26 July 2015

2015 Children’s XC Series Race 3 Memorial Park, Petone Sun 26 July

Individual Results
Team Results


Understandably there were lots of kids and accompanying parents at Sunday’s event.
The event seems to be going from strength to strength no doubt due to the sustained marketing undertaken by Athletics Wellington targeted at children’s and youth grades.
Interestingly Athletics New Zealand membership figures for 2014/15 reveal that children aged up to 14 make up 67% of total ANZ membership. That’s roughly 13,460 kids out of total membership of 20,035.
The next biggest membership group are master’s men and women claiming around 8% of overall membership.
But the surprise is that competitive men and women in the open grade (20-39) only make up 3% of total ANZ membership. Given this imbalance cross the grades it would not be that radical to suggest that athletics in NZ is dominated by kids and oldies (with all due respect for age).