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Monday, 8 August 2016

2016 National XC Champs The Domain Auckland Sun 8 Aug

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Some photos below for those that manage to find them.

The National XC champs this year were held in Auckland’s domain (in the sports ground part of the park) with the course used as a trial for the World Masters Games in April 2017. The word on the street is that the nationals will be back in the same place next year although this will need to be confirmed.

The course is excellent for spectators with a grandstand on one side and a couple of hillocks on the other. Conditions were pretty good considering that rain was forecast for the afternoon but never arrived. The turf was a bit sticky in places but nowhere near the mud bath at the Wellington XC champs. On the other hand the chilly southerly that popped up after midday may have bothered a few, especially those runners from the warm Pacific nations.

The U20 and senior events also doubled as the Oceania XC Champs so the race winners in these grades become the Oceania champs as well, although only NZ registered athletes can pick up the NZ title.

There were reasonable numbers in all races with the exception of the Senior Women and Senior Men. I think this is an issue which needs to be addressed by the sport, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. A glance at the current registration statistics shows that the sport is mostly made up of children and old people. Rego’s for men and women in the 20-39 age range are incredibly low and I don’t think circulating a recruitment poster featuring Valerie Adams and other Olympians, as ANZ have done, will be attractive to this demographic.

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