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Sunday, 21 August 2016

2016 Wellington Road Champs Wainuiomata Sat 20 Aug

Race referee makes last minute check of course. Note the leaning finish sign. The awful camber is responsible for that

What an awful course Wainuiomata is. It is traffic free but that is all going for it, Narrow with tight turns and a camber that will cripple you. I am surprised that the Wellington Centre haven't found something better after all of these years. Dave Lonsdale has an ace race walking course at the old GM motors course in Trentham and I wonder if that could not be used. But I won't be holding my breath.

The National Road Champs is coming up in Masterton in a couple of weeks. Holding it in this provincial town defies logic but I have a fair idea about how that came about. 

Recognising that it is not any easy place to get in and out for out of town athletes, Stephen Day the President of Scottish has offered to try and organise to get  visiting runners in and out. This is the first sensible thing I have read about the champs and Stephen needs to be congratulated for understanding the problem, I understand that Dave Lonsdale might be sorting out transport problems for some Auckland based race walkers.