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Saturday, 8 April 2017

2017 Scottish Centennial Cup Races Island Bay Sat 8 Apr

Andrena Patterson indicating she wants me to take 10 photos. So I did. 
Fastest male Scott Russell
Fastest female Ruby Muir (an off-road specialist)
Fastest male and dog, Michael Daly and Rover
The Centennial Cup is an out and back 5k race which replaces the old Le Gaye race that started in Derwent St and included the big hill on Beach St that took you over into Owhiro Bay.  Both races are sealed handicap but as at the time of writing there are no published results – a bit disappointing really.  I suppose participants will have to wait for Api’s weekly newsletter for these.

Historically the Le Gaye was used to help pick teams for the Shaw Baton Relay, and because of this there was generally a good turnout   For the Centennial Cup I did wonder where some of the fast Scottish runners were but it seems that a few were preoccupied racing elsewhere, Waitarere Beach to be specific.  

The clubs Facebook page reported that Nick Horspool (32.40) and Tim Hodge (33.33) finished the Great Forest 10k in 1st and 2nd place respectively with new member Matt Bonner (35.42) in 3rd place.

Unfortunately the Facebook page did not mention Niam Macdonald’s 3rd placing in the half-marathon option in a time of  1.13.58. Full Great Forest results are here and hopefully Api will pick these results up for his weekly newsletter.    

Centennial Cup Results (Now available)
Peter Tearle Cup (where are they?)
Kids Results

1 MacIntyre Stevens       8.59
2 Niamh Fyfe                 9:04 First Girl
3 Maaike Day                 9:53
4 Jelle Kaiser                 10.17
5 Matthew Wallis            10.48
1 Aysha MacLean           6:28
2 Spike Hayvice             6.32

Niamh Fyfe 2nd fastest overall and first girl

MacIntyre Stevens fastest overall

Maaike Day

Jelle Kaiser
Matthew Wallis

Aysha MacLean

Spike the tyke Hayvice

Rowan Hooper

Kristian Day (another off-road specialist coached by Ex Scottish Craig Kirkwood) . He is a 70 minute half-marathoner and has clocked 2.37 for the marathon.

Stephen Day just managing to cope with a flat course

Harrison Burnard never misses an opportunitiy to race

Andrew Wharton 

Chris Wharam

Valentino Luis-Hernandez

Miles Jones

Andy Ford chasing Grant McLean

Peter Stevens

Jamie White, late for the finish

James Turner, new club handicapper

Jim Jones

Phil Sadgrove, 2nd on handicap

Ayesha Shafia, a 5k waterfront regular

Dion Gamperle

Tony Wolken

Gerard Gordon

Michael Wray

Karl Jackson

Nick Bagnall 3rd on handicap

Matyas James

John Plimmer

Marshall Clark

Jamie Dunn & Ben Isaacs

Tricia Sloan

Petra Bolitho 1st on handicap

Dorota Starzak 

Glenn Wallis

Rachel Cunningham

Paul Rodway

Lyn Clark

Pam Graham

Helen Bradford

Helen Willis

Michael Daly and Rover

Rover trying to look cool for the finish

Bob Stephens

Caroline Fyfe

Stephanie Cheevers

Ross Lake

Christina Gardiner

Stu Beresford

Karen Jenkinson

Della Laird

Nigel Roberts

Sharon Wray

Loretta Desourdy

Maria Chandler

Don Stevens